7 Week Journey To Your 

Sacred & Feminine Sensuality

This Is Your Granted Permission To Cultivate Your Embodied Gifts As You Self-Reclaim Your Wildness, Engage Joyful Living As You Greatly Enhance Your Current Romantic Life or Prepare For The One Coming

...and Most Of All, Enjoy Pleasure In Everything You Do Now

If You're TIRED Of Feeling As If Something Is Missing, Or Suppressing Your Full Self-Expression, Or Recurring Episodes Of Fight Or Flight With Men, Fear Being Vulnerable Or Letting Your Guard Down, Too Much Busyness And Addictive Distractions, Tolerationg Body Tension Or Short Lived Happiness 


You Deeply Desire To EXPERIENCE An Exciting + Happy Life, Trust Yourself And Others Completely, Healthy Love Connections, Have Two-Way Deeper Communication, Feeling Sexy & Confident In Your Own Skin And Divinely Grounded In Your Feminine Sensuality...YES!!

You, My Darling, Are In The Right Place! 

Welcome To Your


7 Week Journey To Your Sacred Feminine Sensuality


 An Intimate Program with expert Feminine Genius & Love Coach, Teresa Salhi



For single women, married women or women in a relationship.

Sacred & Feminine Sensuality is a divine connection to your inner feminine genius that, when tapped into, expresses as an exotic life dance with a magical glow and radiance.  It is your love of self thru every level of conscious living.  You have the ability to call forth + co-create new partner love, if desired, or renew a deeper love + harmony with your current partner. 

It is your signature of full self expression in all you do, to make love with life or make love with him, while choosing a life of exquisite joy and long-lasting partnership (if that is what you desire).  

You're a modern day woman who's life is a overloaded with a packed calendar and neverending to-do lists. Your days are full of stops and starts with no real flow going on. 


At the end of the day you drop in bed fully exhausted.  When surrounded by increasing amounts of external stimulation, you barely have a moment to breathe.  It can be easy to feel disconnected from the awareness of your own body, your own femininity and or even a man. 


In today's realm of the sensual, it is often assumed that it is what we see in the movies as sexual encounters and provactive attire. 


The truth is, sensuality is so much more.  Living a passionate life is a deep yearning desire for most women.  Unfortunately, it's often repressed and left as a mere fleeting longing to unleash your self-sheltered spirit into a wildly happy woman. 


When a woman suppresses her sensuality or never discovers it, her existence looks something like:

...lives a life buried in distractions

...wonders why she's alone or still feels lonely even with a partner

...obsessed with body image

...believes she is not deserving

...lacks that deeper, soulmate connection with a man

...pretends intimacy doesn't matter

...hard wired with subconscious beliefs that life is hard, she failed and therefore not good enough

...too many responsibilities have left her with a synopsis that her life, relationship, or job is "good enough" even though she feels strongly that something is missing

...ignores her need and soulful whispers to replenish, find pleasure, love herself, inspire a partner

...wants to confidently and unapologetically experience the untapped love bond she yearns for

...loss of her own faith and trust, closed down, afraid to be vulnerable in intimate relationships

...intitmate communications seem only surface level or combative communication

...worried about unconsciously opting for a lack of commitment

   Wouldn't you rather be your full expressed self in all you do, with others and with a partner? 

   To create connection and communication that surpasses that level of superficial meager depth due to a fear of losing self as a vulnerable woman or opening up your heart to what you truly want? But instead have a knowing in your heart that what you say matters and you inspire growth, connection because you are able to give what you want too?

   So, you are now ready to commit and to learn to follow your intution, which is a little known sensuality path, so you can go there...


   What if you could just trust yourself to be that woman and inspire him to go there with you?




Imagine How Your Life Would Be Different If You Could:

  • Consciously create space in your life for your own pleasure to be your authentic way of living as you contagiously exude joy into others 

  • Shed the layers of past thought forms that have kept your sensuality dull and dim so you shine with radiant love magnetism 

    Uncover the truth of who you are as a sensual woman and embrace your relationships with passion, trust, unveiling of your deepest expression of self

  • Be deeply in touch with what you really feel about being feminine and what you really want to experience as a woman in this lifetime as you confidently and ethusiastically express all of you in the world  

  • Live in your most authentic, sacred, sensual Feminine Genius Radiance so you expericene deeper love flowing through you - have fullness in your heart, around you and because of you

  • Have your sensual aliveness be a blessing to the lives of everyone around, your career, your social activities and definitely allowing him (your now or future beloved on this path with you)



The truth is, you CAN experience life every day as an abundant offering of pleasure and delight for your senses and flow with grace and ease.


Doing so allows you to shift your awareness to a point where you can recognize the pleasures available to you, in your own body, in your own life...just as they are right now first and then create the expansion of everything your want from a blissful heart and soul.


>> Each lesson of the 7 week journey is guided by your coach and provides in-depth new practices of being a conscious, heightened, sensual woman.  You will tune in more deeply to all areas of as you tap into the exquisite sense of joyful experiences that are only found in getting to fully know yourself ...


AND FROM THIS POINT, are you truly capable of confidently expressing your sacred, feminine sensuality when you fully engage with others in your life, your beloved partner or as you prepare for a life with a new partner in the future. 


Note: This is not a sex program with sex acts to learn. It is a sensuality program for women to better develop themselves as a woman who loves herself, is committed to live her best life AND how to do so with a partner - if she chooses.  Every exercise can be developed as a single woman or partnered woman. Your sensuality is the expression of your entire being.

In the Sacred & Feminine Sensuality 7 Week Journey, You Will:

  • Become a woman who knows how to give herself permission to feel sensual and passionate with others

  • Uncover lost or hidden desires so you finally begin living more authentically

  • Be in actively creating greater ease and joy in your life from work to play, stress to bliss

  • Completely experience pleasure in every day life as you spark enthusiasm, inspiration and lovability in others and your man

  • Be even more beautiful to yourself and beyond what you've allowed yourself to see so far - which in turn allows your beloved partner to see too

  • Overcome body image issues to enjoy greater pleasure in your body

  • Dissolve sexual shame and let go of what is hurting your relationships

  • Explore your signature sensuality and make that your life imprint

  • Be a desired partner, communicator and inspiration in your romantic partnership

  • Begin to ask for what you want and how to listen to their needs too

  • Become completely aware on how to create and sustain full presence, connection with long lasting love and devotion in your romantic partnerships


7 Weeks.

7 Pillars.

Pillar 1 - RECLAIM Your Authentic Sensual Femininity
Pillar 2 - CULTIVATE the Queen 
Pillar 3 - ENCHANT the Masculine
Pillar 4 - TURNING ON To Pleasure
Pillar5 - HOW to GIVE YOUR LOVE Before It's Too Late
Pillar 6 - The ART of Devotion
Pillar 7 - CREATING a Sensual LIfe


Note: This is not a sex program with sex acts to learn. It is a sensuality program for women to better develop themselves as a woman who loves herself, is committed to live her best life AND how to do so with a partner - if she chooses.  Every exercise can be developed as a single woman or partnered woman. Your sensuality is the expression of your entire being.

Teresa Salhi is the Founder of Empower The Dream.   She is a Feminine Genius & Relationship (Love) Coach for women who desire to meet a high quality man, attract their soulmate, and have a fulfilling life with a beloved partner.  

Teresa is a certified coach and law of attraction trainer; featured in the award-winning documentary Kumare' The False Prophet and has her personal love story published in 365 Moments of Grace.

After 2 failed marriages, Teresa finally met her soul mate, life partner and beloved husband in Tunisia, Africa while traveling on the Mediterranean seacoast.  They currently reside in Phoenix. AZ. 

Teresa teaches spiritual and practical methodologies to awakening women who are ready to overcome the obstacles around love, understand the feminine and masculine dynamics in partnership, experience rewarading personal value and attract the right man forlife-long sustaining love.    


 “Teresa has been instrumental in guiding me through my inner self to discover my true being and feminine essence. As a successful businesswoman climbing the corporate ladder, I had lost that connection with myself, as well as, many of the characteristics that defined me as a woman. It was taking a toll on my personal relationships and lack of confidence with men.  Teresa has an amazing talent as a coach to be able to walk you through the process of re-discovering yourself and realigning with your feminine power. Her sessions help you to focus on the present and lead you to what you want in the future with him. Most importantly, she helps you see that the power lies within you and anything you aspire to is within your reach. I promise you that this is one of the most insightful and transformational experiences you can do for yourself.  And yes, I found my love.  I am so happy to have done this work with Teresa.”   Jamie R. 


“My sessions with Teresa are full of her sense of empathy and focus. She is able to direct me through a thoughtful process to find my ‘next steps’, along with allowing me to enter a discovery of what is coming between me and my Joy, as well as, help my husband I to re-ignite our love for one another.  I always look forward to spending more time with her. I offer sincere thanks to you, Teresa. Exploring my values and why I want to do the work I am doing has been was tremendously valuable. ” Tina L.


“I can’t even begin to express how much Teresa helped to guide, coach and encourage me over the last few months. She not only helped me get over fears and obstacles, but her coaching and guidance led me to discover my true passion in love and life. I met a man and I changed my career.  This is by far, one of the best investments I have ever made. ”  Christine

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