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You are mighty. You are capable. You are powerful.

You are remembering who you are. That your wild woman within is the expression of who you were born to be before all the BS we inherit through society and popular culture morphed you (& caged you) into something more "acceptable" & submissive".

A watered-down, diluted version of your true self & potential.  

This year has done all that and more. The succumbing of our personal power in lieu of fear.


We are now preparing for an evolved era and our upleveling of personal power.


When we bring our Wild Woman into our day to day lives, we can harness her energy & her spirit in all that we do.

Woman meditating
Woman meditating
Monday, November 20, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM MST

Activation Ceremony Invitation

We must hold let go of the limits and harness our personal power.  It is the authentic expression of your truth and the multitudes contained within you.

Your power is expressed through your choices, your voice, your calling, your vote, your creativity, your purpose, your pleasure, your outrage, your contribution, your truth-telling.


Each new day is another chance to claim your power and use it for good. To love yourself more than EVER!  You’ll never run out because your power is sourced from within — not bestowed from outside.


You may need to reclaim your power, to fuel your power, to re-source your power, to activate your power -- but it is YOURS, always.


Instead of learning how to be WILD, we learned from society to be GOOD.  We have (literally and figuratively) worn the mask of the GOOD GIRL, covering up our personal power within to practice safety but still lacking security.

Join our Activation of Personal Power Ceremony

Reclaim. Release. Renew

For the purpose of this Activation, we will focus on freeing you from the confines of fear, confusion and uncertainty.  Giving you the space to expand in love, purpose and abundance.

This class + ceremony will include ANCIENT and CURRENT empowering + manifestaion RITUALS for the modern day wild woman. YOU.
We were all born to become our fullest selves, and a woman has a very unique self to reach; a fierce, strong, wise, life-giving energy.
Let's end our year strong and set forth our full embodied personal power with the clarity and support that is most needed for ourselves, for each other, for our family, for our community and our world.

The ceremony will live be a virtual broadcast +  available to demand

You will receive a confirmation email after registration. 


Thank you, Teresa Salhi


Only $27