CONGRATULATIONS to saying YES to YOU and your desire to being a Lady Boss of Confidence!


You are well on your way just by the mere fact you have this desire and it is already in your upcoming reality, cheers to you, darling! 

Being a Lady Boss of Confidence
Being a personal game-changer, by ridding yourself of feelings of inadequacy and trusting in your God-given talent....and whatever game changer means to you. 

The biggest indicator of a woman deserving of the title of being a Lady Boss of Confidence is that she knows there's incredible power (and burden) of responsibility that comes with reaching for her dreams.

And she chooses, even when it pain-stakenly sucks, to absorb the image of strength into her identity
Or she knows she is no longer just a kid playing grown up, but someone who can change the world 
Or she when accepts the once envied woman at the office can be her guided mentor and confidante
Or that confidence does not mean you must have a degree, wear Chanel or look impeccable every friggin' moment of the day
Or that is really is ok to fake it at times (wink, wink)


The best thing about being a Lady Boss of Confidence is knowing that taking risks and looking 'not so perfect' is often an essential part of the learning process.   

Note: There is nothing more powerful than a Lady Boss of Confidence who is perfectly ok with imperfection. What is for sure about a Lady Boss - ONE THING and that is her COMMITMENT... to saying YES, to saying NO, and for going for it in spite of anyone else's opinion but trusting in herself first. 

That's all I'm asking of you: commit to your mission and share your confidence and bravery where it is needed

 Dream Big!

Teresa Salhi

So, What's Next?


#MYLADYBOSSLIFE is a Monthly Online Class 

For Women Who Are Ready for Her Future-Self Immersion into Her Own Lady Boss Life

…by taking her feminine power back; releasing fear, doubt or being stuck;  finding clarity, upleveling confidence and committing to a life on her terms  

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Coming April 2017 

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It IS Possible to Live Life to Your Fullest Potential as an Empowered Woman 
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