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You're successful in almost every area of your life, but when it comes to love or meeting men, it's just hasn't been working out the way you planned or you've kind of put it on the back burner.


You wonder if you have the confidence, know-how or even desire to make a change. Every time you say "YES", something happens to cause you to lose hope again that there's any good men out there, or if you'll find them because you're not exactly sure where to start.


Everywhere you look you see women enjoying themselves with their single (or not to be single for long) lives, and you can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy or wish you could be them and just meet decent men, have more choices with being wanted and admired in this time of your life. 

"Why isn't this happening for me?" you wonder. 

 What does she have that I don’t?” 

Hi, I'm Teresa Salhi and welcome to... 

LOVE MAP  - is a dating success & attraction activation based upon a 4-Step Love & Attraction Factor Formula.  Once you've witnessed your new chemistry + mastered it, you can lather, rinse and repeat to instantly boost your attraction power that make's you irresistible to high-quality men, enjoy dating and best of all, feel better about yourself as you enjoy this phase of your life.


Rocking Confidence

Feminine Power

Mindset Maturity

High Vibration + Love Frequency 


  • You go on hundreds of dates that go nowhere
  • You haven't had or wanted a date in a long time
  • You only meet emotionally unavailable men
  • You keep asking yourself, "is something wrong with me?"


  • You are confident knowing what you deserve 
  • Your energy brings in the dates you want 
  • You’re turning away men who don’t match 
  • You feel comfortable, sexy, and happy in your own skin and in your exciting new life 


The are out there in your city, in your community, everywhere and yes online too.

And they’re looking for a woman exactly like you.  

Your only job is to attract them in, become visible, and to avoid the invisible energtic + emotional blocks of love deservability and to dating good, quality men while having fun in trustful, dating experiences.


So, YES, as a modern day, single and experienced woman who's ready to move forward in your next life're ready to figure a few things out.  For you that means to enjoy dating, getting back out there, feeling sensual and good about yourself, knowing how to meet quality men to spend time together, and with a healthy mindset to see how it goes. 

After all, you are not a desperate woman and you know this is the natural place to start before you can fully plan your future...

and well, perhaps you're:





Here's some truth:

It has nothing to do with how you look, your age, your weight or where you live…  

And everything to do with your energy.  

When you shift your energy, your love life shifts along with it.  

You go from being in a man drought to raining men.  

You go from auditioning for "the desire to date" to being actively pursued by men who want to be around you and have respect for you. 

You go from alone on a Friday night to a calendar completely filled with exciting dates with ideal men who are clamoring for you.  

It all starts with attraction. 

Knowing how to attract men puts YOU in the position of power (your feminine power)...



- success dating + attraction activation ~

will change all this for you and more. 


Get Your Exclusive VIP Personal                                         Attraction Activation Love Map


Designed to address your most pressing Love Attraction Formulas so that your Love Map is back on the right path.  

You and Me. Private Video Call.


  • You notice your calendar filling up with epic dates with commitment-ready men. You never have to spend another night alone watching Netflix (unless you choose to, of course!). 


  • You stop accepting what’s not good enough for you, like men who only give you breadcrumbs, endless text conversations that remind you of your second grade pen pal, and creeps who are only out for one thing. You know you’re worth your weight in gold, and so do the men you date. 


  • You’re finally out of scarcity mode when it comes to your dating life. You’ve realized there’s an abundance of perfect matches available to you, because great men are coming out of the woodwork to win you over. 


  • You have more focus and a shift of your awareness to include more pleasure and more feeling in your life with the goal of you finding a sense of real aliveness in your body and in your sensual self.


  • You radically transform your love life. The quality of men you’re attracting is higher, the dates are better, and for the first time in a long time, you truly enjoying this period of your life and feel like you’re well on your way to happy ever after (if that is what you want, of course!)


  • Even though you may have been out of the dating scene for a while and felt intimidated by it,  yet wanted it deep down, your confidence began to soar and you now realize how much of your life was put on hold or denied - but not anymore! 


  • You are no longer fearful of being vulnerable, of meeting new people, knowing how to commuicate wth men or what they really want in a woman these days.  You are back in your graceful groove with a renewed spirit as a woman who feels beautiful, has much to offer and allows herself to receive adoration and companionship.


  • You begin to cut  or clear relationship energy lines from past lovers, parental, siblings or others that have been 'stuck' in your feminine body, impacting you energetically and emotionally, or creating blocks to future relationship harmony. As well as, how to empower the energy lines that serve you.  As your energy body is cleared, your chakras open more freely and you will manifest easier, have a stronger foundation in your feminine and more independence.


  • You know how to cultivate sensuality in your life and in yourself as you gain clarity on what you want not only in your life, on a date and even a future partner.  



--->Click the button below to reserve you spot and schedule your exclusive

VIP Love Map Day.   

I'm not the Love Coach for everyone...

I'm very clear on who I can help find the right men to date, love and what's rightfully hers ...(and who should click away).



Please do not apply if:

You like being alone, drama or struggle.  If you really don't want to date anyone (it's ok if you haven't dated in a while). You are addicted to bad men, are a man hater or blamer or don't have time or energy to put into meeting decent men who want a good woman.


You are ready to create epic experiences in your romantic life, you want to meet the top 10% of men who love planning dates with quality women, want to evolve in your soul for you and for others that come into your life, you want to be more confident and embrace your feminine, understand men and receive the keys to the queendom.


ABOUT  ME:  I call myself a a Feminine Genius + Love Coach for women who desire to meet a high quality man, attract their soulmate, and have a fulfilling life with a beloved partner.  

Certified coach and law of attraction trainer; featured in the award-winning Kumare' The False Prophet and my personal love story published in 365 Moments of Grace.

After 2 failed marriages, I finally met my true soul mate, life partner and beloved husband in Tunisia, Africa while traveling on the Mediterranean seacoast.  We currently reside in Phoenix. AZ. 

I teach spiritual and practical methodologies to awakening women who are ready to overcome the obstacles around love, understand the feminine and masculine dynamics in partnership, experience rewarading personal value and attract the right man forlife-long sustaining love.    


You have a choice!

This is your chance to say YES to your inner desire to be dating quality, emotional available men who will adore and honor you.  This is your opportunity to finally allow yourself to not only pretend but to really allow yourself to begin to see a new future with an loving partner by your side.  It's time to put yourself out there - and attract him.   

Remember, your ideal man literally can’t find you unless you learn the keys to attracting him in. That’s what the LOVE MAP, dating success & attractin activation gives you.  

Once you know how to attract, you have the power. You can lean back and let men pursue you.

And from that space, you become super attractive for the right man to step up and claim you (if that is what you want, of course)

If you want to change your dating and love life - you must commit to yourself first 


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