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with Feminine Genius & Relationship Coach, Teresa Salhi

For Single, High-Achieving Women Who Are No Longer Interested In Games or Trickery To Attract Men But Want To Become Her Most Desired, Authentic Self & Embody Her Feminine Genius Presence That Naturally Enchants Men & Magnetizes Them To Her Even If She's Secretly Worried About Age Or Experienced Past Failed Relationships


Learn Daily Rituals & Life-Long Secrets to Easily Embody Your  Feminine Genius Radiance Magnetize Men Who Want To Be With You.

This Is The Most  Natural Way to Meet & Keep "The One" 





5 Day Challenge

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Here's What We're Going To Do Together 

  • Most ambitious women have become so UNPRACTICED with their Feminine Genius energy that they eat, sit, walk, talk like men.  But that will not be you. You will learn how to tap into a new body movement that is grounding and confident.  You will understand it is less about look and more about PRESENCE in how you hold yourself so you can experience better connection and communication with men. 


  • Identify your DOMINANT traits of the masculine and feminine.  You will understand these differences and how they may have disappointed you in the past when you were out of balance or showing up too masculine.  You will learn to use your energtic-self effectively to create new loving EXPRESSIONS that inspire men or uplevel your career or other parts of your life.     


  • Explore your inner Feminine Genius sensuality.  Discover how your inner RADIANCE dramatically magnetizes men to you, they are enchanted by you and only want to cherish you.  You become their LIGHTHOUSE and naturally lead them to you. You are no longer invisible to men or turn them off. 


  • Learn magic techniques for FUELING your day by tapping into your Feminine Genius in the a.m. and p.m. so you can reduce stress or overwhelm and feel good with who you are, what you are creating and so he can see you in your EASE and FLOW instead of living a reactive, haphazard day that induces drama, lonliness and further from relationship harmony.   


  •  Vibrate at a higher love frequency, draw in his love, and ATTRACT everything you desire in life through practical, energetic methods, and powerful manifestations so that you AREN'T overlooked or rejected.


 You're reading it right...

FIVE EXCITING and FUN Daily Sessions that will show you how to intentionally create and experience the magnetism of love that beckons all of us and now can be YOURS.

You'll have access through this exclusive LIVE training absolutely FREE.  So, let's get to the root of your love attraction that is rarely taught on how to be in your Feminine Genius zone and how to let love in now and forevermore.


Teresa Salhi is the Founder of Empower The Dream where she is a Feminine Genius & Relationship Coach for women who are desiring to meet a high quality man, find their soul mate,  and have a fulfilling life with a desired partner


Teresa is a certified coach and law of attraction trainer.   After 2 failed marriages, Teresa finally met her beloved in Tunisia, Africa while traveling on the Mediterranean seacoast.  They currently reside in Phoenix. AZ.  Teresa teaches spiritual and practical methodologies to women who are ready to bring long lasting love, with the right partner, into their lives.  

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