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How To Attract & Keep Mr. Right 


6 Week Guided Program For Women To Uplevel Her Feminine Magnetism, Divine Love Frequency & Confidence With Attracting & Keeping A Quality Man

This is Your How-To Program


If You Want To FINALLY Shift Out Of The Single Life, Doing It All Alone, Or Escape Painful Dating Rollercoasters Of Meeting The Wrong Men (or No Men) And Create a New, Sexy Love Life Reality That Includes Feeling Good About Yourself Because You Have CHOSEN To Align With The Right Way To Attract Quality Men Who Respect You & Want To Get To Know You...You Are In The Right Place 


For Smart, Single, Mid-Life Women Who Are Ready To Stop Playing Games, Learn How To Release Blocks To NOT Receiving Love, And Embody Her Radiant Feminine Genius So She's Naturally Sensual, Exudes Love And Enchants Men As They Magnetically Pull Toward Her

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Awakened Love

Your Best Potential As A High Achieving Woman Who Is Embodied In Her Feminine Genius & On A Self-Transforming Pathway To Authentically Live The Life Of Your Dreams With Your Beloved Soulmate By Your Side

The AWAKENED LOVE GROUP is another option for the busy woman who wants to  consumer training videos on her own time vs. 1 on 1 calls with a coach.  There will be a weekly overview of content in video group format. 

This is for women who want to uplevel their lovability experiences in the real world by taking charge of the energy she exudes and attracts to herself from others.

This means she is a conscious creator of her love life and no longer leaves it to 'chance.' 

Everything is energy.  When you choose to align with the frequency of love, and of your feminine genius, you rise up to be the woman who is truly receiving - it shows up all around you. 

A high quality man also seeks a feminine quality woman to be his life partner. 

It is not about status but rather about who you are on the inside, the full EMBODIMENT of a sensual, loving feminine woman who is choosing what she wants and who she is.

You're a modern day, single, experienced woman who's ready to move forward in your next life chapter with your ideal partner, but instead experiencing one bad date after another like: 


...Men not telling you the truth on their dating profile

...Men ghosting you 

...Or, you meet up with him for months just to end up going no where except into another heartache

...Or maybe there are no dates because you are afraid to put yourself out there for fear of rejection, being vulnerable or just lacking confidence on how to communcate or 'be' with a man again 



There's no wonder you're feeling depleted, alone and yearning for your heart to be fulfilled. 


But once you listened to your heart and decided your ready for love again; you found yourself pushed again into doubts like not being good enough for the dating game, you're getting too old, not worthy of being first choice, competing and comparing yourself to every other single babe...and so your love life is destined to fail before you step out of the house.  Even though deep down you desperatly long for that special man who brings you his protecting and cherished love.


You wonder why other areas of your life seem to go prety well but the romanctic side has left you in secret agony.


The Awakened Love 6 Week program is your expertly guided  understanding and pathway to experience an easier way to receive love.

Relationship and dating dynamics have shifted.

Disconnection is everywhere.

Women are confused.

Men are confused.

Stop hiding and feeling it is only you - it's not. It's time to openly discuss and understand the expanding possibilities for your future. Only then can you have the space and openness to let love in.  



As modern, ambitious woman who can be successful and loved. 

You really do deserve it all…and you can have it.



What Does This Mean?  

  • You are guided and supported to process internally and gain deeper clarity at the core what’s truly most important to you in a love relationship.  You make new choices and decide to release what hasn't worked as you fully commit to authentically being a woman who deserves and experiences true love and happiness.  You feel confident and notice and upleveling with you start to happen - you have others to share and mirror with. 


    You practice how to radiate from an inner glow of charisma, sensuality and knowing because you consciously choose to embody your feminine genius magnetism & to learn what is important to the opposite sex, to understand the deeper dynamics of men, the energy of polarity, learning the feminine and masculine resonance and art of creating long-lasting love while banishing emotional or mental blocks that keep love and him from seeing you and finding you.  



You Will Learn:

  • How to confidently and authentically attract high QUALITY men and enchant with your high quality woman natural magnetism. This means you will STOP repelling love or being just another option so you can deeply evolve your precious lovability attraction factor. 

  • How to know with CERTAINTY what you want and what a man wants; how he thinks so you can stop guessing and communicate effectively, with confidence, so he understands you too.  You step into the best version of you that inspires and attracts the right attention and respect without being fake or using trickery.  

  • How to vibrate at a real HIGHER LOVE FREQUENCY and draw in a man who is also vibrating a high level love fequency.  This alone puts you both on the same page.  You will ATTRACT love and everything you desire in life through practical, energetic methods, and powerful manifestations so you are no longer dating down or meeting men who reject you, are narcisstic, are not available or waste more of your precious time and life.

  • How to consciously prepare and TAKE ACTION now to craft your entire life as a high vibrational woman as you position yourself in the zone of RECEIVABILITY and open the doors that were once closed to a plethora of new opportunities, including precious LOVE.

  • How to IMPLEMENT newly learned secrets to being a confident, radiant and feminine woman that will naturally EXUDE in the way you walk, the way you talk the way you are truly PRESENT in every aspect of your romantic and professional life. 

  • How to declutter what is necessary in your life and CREATE space and time to LET love in even if you think you're too busy, you have too much baggage, he isn't available, you don't live in the right location or some other limiting scenario that's just made up in your precious mind.   

This IS What's Possible For You & Each Woman In Awakened Love Group 


You will no longer be UNCONSCIOUSLY masculinized by society that caused missed opportunities to meet quality men in the past. 


You will know exactly how to ATTRACT love with polarity, resonance and connection awakening. 


You will understand how to ALIGN with the receiving magic of your Feminine Genius embodiment with the scientific and spiritual LAWS of love and attraction.


You will learn SECRET manifesting rituals that go beyond vision boards and affirmations that will bookend your day so you MAINTAIN your grounded and feminine embodied love resource.   


You will know how to RELEASE and TRANSFORM any belief limitations that were bestowed on you unwilling from your past so you can now CREATE a new future of limitless possibility in all areas of your life, including love. 


You will UPLEVEL your Feminine Genius Superpowers and Sensuality with CONFIDENCE in communication, dating, PRESENCE, romance, career and HIM. 


You begin immediately to implement your FEMININE GENIUS LOVE MAP to meet your SOULMATE and your future plans.


You will begin to RELEASE heavy emotional baggage, triggers and people who HOLD YOU BACK from your desired love and life. 


You will open to invisible CODE of the hearts and minds of men so you know exactly what supports him and what he wants in a relationship.


You will know how and when to TRANSITION from masculine work mode to feminine radiance mode to avoid repelling or competing with men.


You will ENGAGE your passion for what you want in a LONG-LASTING relationship and how to create elements of it NOW as you PREPARE for him.


You will DEVELOP SUBCONSCIOUS mind to work in your favor and notice the cycle of habits around fear, pain, rejection or loss. 


You will embody more LOVE for youself and others which allows you to have more to GIVE to him and to RECEIVE from him. 


You will IDENTIFY hormone stressors that negatively impact your joy, sexuality and love life with him so you can REMOVE drama, overwhelm and fall into his his arms with ease and grace. 


You will learn to trust proven methods, how to hold yourself accountable and trust YOURSELF so you no longer fall back into old ways that keep love from you any longer as you BANISH that lower vibrational set point to fully become the women who honors her own heart. 


This Program is online + 6 weeks + 6 Pillars of Transformation

Each week includes Video how-to trainings (life access)

Spiritual & Practical Modalities

Expert guidance by an experienced Life, Love & former Career Coach

Opportunity to do deep inner work that is proven to be transformational to release invisible blocks to receiving

Introductory Cost only $347


Teresa Salhi is the Founder of Empower The Dream.   She is a Feminine Genius & Relationship (Love) Coach for women who desire to meet a high quality man, attract their soulmate, and have a fulfilling life with a beloved partner.  

Teresa is a certified coach and law of attraction trainer; featured in the award-winning documentary Kumare' The False Prophet and has her personal love story published in 365 Moments of Grace.

After 2 failed marriages, Teresa finally met her soul mate, life partner and beloved husband in Tunisia, Africa while traveling on the Mediterranean seacoast.  They currently reside in Phoenix. AZ. 

Teresa teaches spiritual and practical methodologies to awakening women who are ready to overcome the obstacles around love, understand the feminine and masculine dynamics in partnership, experience rewarading personal value and attract the right man forlife-long sustaining love.    



 “Teresa has been instrumental in guiding me through my inner self to discover my true being and feminine essence. As a successful businesswoman climbing the corporate ladder, I had lost that connection with myself, as well as, many of the characteristics that defined me as a woman. It was taking a toll on my personal relationships and lack of confidence with men.  Teresa has an amazing talent as a coach to be able to walk you through the process of re-discovering yourself and realigning with your feminine power. Her sessions help you to focus on the present and lead you to what you want in the future with him. Most importantly, she helps you see that the power lies within you and anything you aspire to is within your reach. I promise you that this is one of the most insightful and transformational experiences you can do for yourself.  And yes, I found my love.  I am so happy to have done this work with Teresa.”   Jamie R. 


“My sessions with Teresa are full of her sense of empathy and focus. She is able to direct me through a thoughtful process to find my ‘next steps’, along with allowing me to enter a discovery of what is coming between me and my Joy, as well as, help my husband I to re-ignite our love for one another.  I always look forward to spending more time with her. I offer sincere thanks to you, Teresa. Exploring my values and why I want to do the work I am doing has been was tremendously valuable. ” Tina L.


“I can’t even begin to express how much Teresa helped to guide, coach and encourage me over the last few months. She not only helped me get over fears and obstacles, but her coaching and guidance led me to discover my true passion in love and life. I met a man and I changed my career.  This is by far, one of the best investments I have ever made. ”  Christine

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